Laser treatment

Laser treatment of gums and soft tissues

The laser technique offers many benefits for treating gum disease and reshaping soft tissue. Much less invasive than conventional surgical methods, this method also promotes faster healing. It allows precise surgeries, with little or no anesthesia. Thus, you experience less postoperative discomfort and the effects of the surgery are almost immediate.

What is the laser?

The laser uses the radiation from the light and channels it onto the area to be treated. The wavelength is chosen depending on the desired therapeutic action and the target tissue. As the laser beam is extremely bright, we provide you with special glasses to protect your eyes.


When do we use it?

Le champ d’action du laser est vaste. En ce qui concerne les maladies des gencives, le laser à d’iode permet notamment de traiter :

  • Gingivectomy (remodeling or removal of part of the gum)
  • Gingivoplasty (contouring of the gums)
  • Hyperplasia (removal of excess tissue from the gums)
  • Operculectomy (removal of part of the gum that covers an erupting tooth)
  • Frenectomy (removal of muscle attachments)
  • Treatment of lesions due to herpes and aphthous ulcer
  • Removal of an epulia (an inflammatory tumor of the gums)


What are the benefits of laser treatment?

The use of lasers offers many benefits in the treatment of gum disease and soft tissue remodeling. Here are a few :

  • More precise interventions
  • A decrease in the need for anesthesia
  • Reduced bleeding gums
  • Faster healing

Children and pregnant women will therefore particularly appreciate this method!


Our team has chosen to offer you laser technology in order to provide you with optimal dental care. For any questions about laser treatments or to make an appointment, contact us today!